College Right-to-Life Handbook

Andrew A. Siicree

Note: This handbook was originally published in 1985. Much of the general advice is still valid; however, be aware that the specific names, contact information, etc. in this handbook may be out of date.

Table of Contents


Section One: The Workings of a College Right-to-Life Group

Chapter One: Why have a College Right-to-Life Group?

The Reasons Why

Chapter Two: How Do you Get Started?

Step One: Preparing Yourself
Step Two: Creating Awareness
Step Three: Involving Others
Step Four: The Interest Session
Step Five: The Group Core
Step Six: Gaining Recognition

Chapter Three: Organizational Structures and Goals

Organizational Structures
Group Continuity
The Group Constitution
Group Elections and Choosing a Name
Areas of Activities
The Scope of Pro-Life Issues

Chapter Four: Building Up the Group

Operational Strategies: General Group Meetings
Operational Strategies: Officers' and Committee Meetings
Operational Strategies: Group Projects and Activities
Setting Short-Range Goals
Social Activities
What Records Should Your Group Keep?
Your Group's Relationship to Other Pro-Life Organizations
How To Handle Opposition
Who Can Help Your Group?

Chapter Five: Leading a Small Campus Organization

Why Do You Need Leadership?
What is Leadership?
The Tasks of Leadership
How Does a Leader Work?
Skills of Leadership: Communication
Skills of Leadership: Sharing Authority
Skills of Leadership: Utilizing Group Resources
Skills of Leadership: Setting an Example
Skills of Leadership: Representing the Group
Skills of Leadership: Planning and Control
Skills of Leadership: Evaluation

Section Two: Ideas for the College Right-to-Life Group

Chapter Six: Membership

Who Is Responsible for Membership?
Contacting New Students
Keeping Members Active

Chapter Seven: Publicity

Who Should Be In Charge?
On-Campus Publicity
Off-Campus Publicity

Chapter Eight: Education

Other Educational Activities

Chapter Nine: Social Action

Direct Involvement
Indirect Help

Chapter Ten: Political Education and Political Action

Political Involvement

Chapter Eleven: Resources

Group Resources
Campus Resources
Off-Campus Resources

Chapter Twelve: Fund Raising

How Should Your Group Handle Its Funds?
Earning Money
Funds From Student Government

© Copyright Andrew A. Siicree, 1985, 1997.

Permission is granted to any pro-life group or pro-life individual to copy this handbook provided that proper attribution is given.

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